Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I haven't been blogging lately because i have NOTHING to blog!! Seriously my schedule is as follows: wake up, eat, homework, work, sleep. NO TIME FOR ANYTHING! after halloween i should have a life again but work has seriously been INSANE! we had 1,800 calls today! OH speaking of that! cool story. blog worthy FO SHO! so I get a call from a lady today who is from hawaii. I asked her for her address so i could place the order and she said she was from ouahu. I asked her where abouts and told her i had family that lived there (pa's side) anyways she asked what my families last name was and i told her it would either be higa or isa. all of a sudden she was like SHUT UP! are you chelsie isa? and i was like yes....? a little freaked out...anyways...she then said OH MY GOSH! David (pa) was one of my great friends! I grew up with them! anyways i thought it was pretty funny. forgot her name i think it was jennifer or something but she was a really great lady who apparently knew of me. weird!
anyways so thats what ive been up to. Im officially ADDICTED to the tv show 24 and watch it any chance i get. LOVE LOVE LOVE ME SOME JACK BAUER!!!

Oh i forgot to tell you i got some artwork done...this guy Russ from work took me and we got some sleeves done. what do you think?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hang in there car!

My poor little car isn't used to this crazy weather!!! She had her first snow experience and I don't think she cared for it too much! Hang in there Betsy!!!!

Lovin' the hot chocolate, scarf, and coat weather. Its grrrrrrrrrreat!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm "Slackin"....

Says my mom! Sorry I have been slacking on the blog posts! I just recently got a job (i posted about it earlier) and I really don't have much time for anything now. I wake up and do homework, leave for work at 2, and don't get home until midnight. Its no fun. So there hasn't really been much to blog about.
Let's catch up on what there is...
My roomate, Chelsea, got/has swine flu. Its been fun sanitizing the house thats for sure. Its been hailing/raining here just about every night and doesn't reach any temperature above 50. I got a promotion-ish at work so things have been so crazy. With it getting closer to halloween, more people are calling in and more people are getting impatient and unhappy. It is nice though to work with a bunch of great people!!!
Thats all thats been going on in my neck of the woods...how about yours?

Taylor, Anthony, Lindsey, and I! Coolest lunch group on the PLANET!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh hey snow, whats up?


Well looks like here in Orem, Utah we have skipped fall all together and gone straight to winter. It is currently 30 degrees and snowing...SUCKY! Isn't this like...illegal? Snow? In September? You gotta be kidding me!!! Good thing its not my week to drive to work:] everyone keep your fingers crossed and prayers going for people on the streets in Utah. California driver is out and she has NO clue what she is doing!
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