Saturday, June 5, 2010

bye bye home away from home...

The move time has finally come and Provo Craft is packin' up and moving. On Friday we had our last day in the office and had to pack up everything. Everyone was only allowed two boxes to bring to the new office. It was hard saying goodbye to that place. I have pretty much lived there for the pst 8 months. Some people have been there for over 4 years. It was sad saying bye, but Monday brings a new home away from home and new adventures. Here's to change!


I went home for Memorial Day and took my friend Jamie from work and her daughter Lexie. Lexie had never been on a trip so it was fun to take her and let me tell you, she was thee best 4 year old I have ever taken a road trip with. It was great. We got there friday night, went to the beach Saturday, my sister got blessed on sunday and then we went to the strawberry festival and then had a little bbq, then we left monday. It was a much needed vacation and I was glad Jamie and Lex got to come.

Sagie's Graduation

I have had alot going on and been a little behind on blogging so let's catch up shall we?
Sage graduated from 6th grade and I was so excited to get to go to her graduation. It was cute and it was fun to see her. She looked gorgeous. Congrats Sage!