Saturday, August 29, 2009

A great day..

So today was awesome! We got our carpets cleaned and found that they are in fact off white-ish and not dark brown. So gross. And then I got to see Auntie Kernie and the kids!!! Yay!!! Aunt Kern is here watching Davis' kids while she is in Italy with Shawn(lucky duck) So I went over to their house today and had a blast. I haven't seen the girls for about two years and I have never met little Kai. He is so cute and a TOTAL boy. The girls are getting SO big! Jordan is WAY taller than me. She just auditioned at Center Stage and made it! (its a pretty big deal. very well known dance company out here and throughout the U.S) And Sage is a total volleyball star and as tall as me (she is 11 people!). And little Sorren is quite the soccer player and I hear she is an awesome hip hop dancer! So it was really good to catch up with them. We took a walk from their house to the BYU Creamery which was nice down hill haha and we seriously DIED on the way back. Aunt Kern and I had to take turns pushing the stroller haha we decided that we aren't out of shape though,,its the altitude ;]

Then we hung out and watched Design Star on HGTV which I am not totally in love with. From there we went to Barnes and Noble and Aunt Kern got me the first book to the Outlander series so I'm way excited to start it. THEN we went to dinner at Bajios and it was SO good. We definitely need one in Cali!!! Then I brought them to see my place.

I was suprised that they all fit in my room,,,and not only that but on my bed too! haha! Kai loved it!!! He said it was his size and he was going to spend the night with me :]

so so so cute! Well I'm off to get ready for bed and read my book! We have church early tomorrow. UGHHHH I'm not used to that!

Friday, August 28, 2009


So I guess today ended on a fairly good note. I'm still completely bored. But here is the good news!! Tiedra(one of my roomsters) ended up staying here this weekend :] and her mommy came here to visit! AND guess what she brought? A DEEP CARPET CLEANER! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Why so excited you ask? WELL our carpets are a tad bit on the EXTREMELY NASTY side. Yesterday Linds, Abs and I went to the office and asked if we could get them cleaned. This was their explanation:
"We have had those carpets cleaned so many times. They aren't dirty, its just the dye in the carpet rubbing off on your feet. They are two years over due anyways and need replacing."
Well my friends that sounds like a bunch of hog wash to see if in fact the carpets had been "cleaned" so many times, the dye would not be strong enough to be rubbing off on our feet after about 2 minutes. Also if they are two years over due then that means they are DIRTY! oh yeah and they dont even have black dye in them haha.
So thank you times a million to Tie's mommy for driving all the way out from St. George to bring us this cleaner. My socks and Piggys are forever grateful that they will never again look like this....

ew so disgusting!

So guess what I did tonight...drum roll pleaseeee

MY FIRST GROCERY SHOPPING TRIP ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it!!
Mom gave me a list of things to buy, but somewhere in the move I lost it. (sorry mom) So I had to do it all on my own and you know what I think I did pretty ding dang darn good! AND it was under $50. yup I'm pretty excited!

this stuff will probably last me a year considering the fact that I've lived this week on salad, chicken, and apple jacks and have been perfectly satisfied! yessss! I'm pleased.

Now I will get off this addicting thing, eat my apples, and go to bed! Goodnight!

Dear Diary

Im officially a LONER for the weekend. All my roomates left me. Seriously not even exaggerating ALL 7 of them left. ughhh I'm sooo bored! I have been driving around applying at tanning salons and scrapbook stores all day and just got home. Its been 5 minutes and the silence is creeping me out. Abbie and guys SO owe me! The good thing though is I think Auntie Kern gets into town today so MAAAYBE i won't be a total loser haha. Okay soo today has been a tad on the horrible side. Little Jetta Boy won't leave me alone. Its starting to get on my last nerves and I don't want to be mean but it might have to happen. I even pulled the "I have a boyfriend card" (which I don't) and he STILL didn't get the hint. So I told him flat out I wasn't interested in anything more than friends and he STILL didn't get it. AHHH see people this is why i steer clear of boys in jettas. Anyways so next my lovely jetta decided to hate me today. It was about 105 degrees outside and it decided it wanted to start overheating. So lucky me I get to turn on my heater alllllll the way and role down the windows and DIE in the blistering sauna of Utah. Sweet!

soo I've finished all my homework, taken and ACED all my tests (thank you very much) and now I have nothing to do, no where to go, and everyone I would like to see is gone...RAD!

I think I will throw on my jammies curl up on the couch and watch re-runs of Saved By the Bell until its time to go to bed.

Peace out girl scouts.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my "closet"

Well I don't have my room COMPLETELY done yet, I haven't had the chance to find stuff to color up the walls but here it is for now...

And I have a desk right next to my door but I haven't decorated that yet so you can't see it. I have learned from the people in the buildings that I've met that I have the "closet" room. Apparently when the apartments aren't totally full they use my room as the utility closet haha! Oh well I'm small and I quite like it. It's the perfect size for me, and since its so small, I have no room to make a mess! WOO!

Today has been good so far. The two roomates that I'm close to (Abby and Lindsey) and I went to the job fair at UVU today. We didn't find any jobs haha but we did meet some fun people and listen to some awesome music. It was fun and I saw a couple people there that I knew.

Okay so UPDATE ON JETTA BOY! Last night Abby convinced me into inviting him over for some cookies so that we could see what he was like. It was good to have all my roomates there so if it was totally awkward they could help me. WELL he came over and he looks TOTALLY different outside of his work attire that I saw him in the first time. haha He is 19 and looks about 15. Very skinny and kind of tall and has pretty much no personality. I'm used to very outgoing boys and he definitely wasn't. We stuck it out for a bit and tried to get him to talk but couldn't do it for very long. SO Abby to the rescue says "Hey Chels, don't you have to go pick your friend up from school?" and I caught on and said "Oh my gosh ya! I totally forgot this time change is killing me!" So I quickly said goodbye to Jetta boy and ran out the building like I was going to my car...I waited for a bit to make sure he wasn't watching and then crawled in through my roomates window haha! Well I guess thats one way to get out of a date! Gotta love roomies!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girl with the hot car..

So I thought this was pretty funny and wanted to share with you...

The other day I was walking to my car in the parking garage and there was a guy walking behind me. I didn't want to be rude so I turned around and held a door open for him and then we started talking. I get to my car and we realize that he had parked right next to me, not only that but he had the SAME exact car as me. Same color, same wheels, same turbo, AND he even had a short shifter on it. Now let me tell you that it has always been my pet peeve that guys drive jettas. I don't know why, but it really bothers me when I see a boy driving a jetta.

SOOOOO...I go out to my car this morning and there was a note on my car...

The outside read "girl with the hot car" I was suprised and didn't really know what to do. I have never had this happen before. SO I quickly grabbed it off my window, jumped in the car, and took off. When I came back I immediately ran to my roomate's room and we read it...

It said " Hey, this is the guy with the jetta. I forgot to give you my name...I'm Steve and this is my phone number (which I wont include just because I know my dad will probably call him ;]) Give me a call, we should hang out sometime."

So now I'm in a giant pickle. I mean he was a really nice guy and he was pretty cute. But he drives a bueno. I would greatly appreciate some advice. Help a sister out!


How does this thing work? I'm so confused, but I'm trying...
SO welcome to my blog! Its nothing special or fancy, because I can't figure out how to do that haha but it serves its purpose which is giving my family and friends an insight to my new adventure...UTAH!
I made this blog to keep all my family in the loop and hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to do all that fun stuff.
So, I'm off to the local scrapbook store to make some fun and cheap wall hangings to spice up my room and then I'll be sure to post pictures for everyone! Have a good day!