Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dreams DO come true!

I don't know if you have heard but....

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its my dream job and im so excited!!!! When I moved to Utah, aside from school, my motive was to get a job at a scrapbook vendor. I had a job that I was looking into but it ended up going out of business. So lately I've been jobless and struggling to find one. FINALLY the other day i was on the provo craft website ( check it out! and I saw that they were hiring for a customer service/sales support position at their corporate offices! I quickly applied and took my resume to make a long story short, I got called in for an interview the next day and got the job!!! As I was being interviewed by the supervisor she stopped and said "you know, I would love to have you on my team, but I think there is another area you would be great in." So she refered me to another area and I ended up getting interviewed there too! SO i start monday and I will be trained in both areas...i have my own office and everything!!! wooo i finally have a good job! this is what ive been waiting for since.....forever!!!!!!

wish me luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Been a WHiLE

Sorry I'm an awful blogger but what can ya do! So I feel like I had a really great day today and I wanted to write about it...not only for your sakes, but I want to be able to look back on this day and feel happy.
So church here is a hard thing for me. I don't really know anyone in the ward and the roomate that I'm the closest too doesn't really go to church all that often. So its been a struggle. So today I decided to change my outlook a bit. I decided that I was going to go to church with the goal and excitement to meet new people...and thats EXACTLY what I did. There is this girl named Julia that spoke one of my first weeks there and I have wanted to be her friend ever since. So, today I walked right up to her tell her I loved her testimony and that I wanted to be her friend. From there I made friends with her friends Mary and Adam who are both awesome. Then I decided to stay and join the ward choir where I met a boy named Josh who invited me over to his house for scripture study. Then I came home from church where I met two (very cute) canadian boys in the parking lot, Ben and Jay. Then from there I went to ward prayer where I met SEVERAL people and was told I have beautiful eyes (HA they arent so squinty after all) Then I went from there to Josh's where I met Chase, Steven, Natalie, Sara, and Jessica. So whats that...11+ in one day!

It has AMAZED me what can happen when you wake up with the intent to accomplish something in the morning. I prayed that I would be brought into people's lives and that I would feel at home here and based on today, its looking pretty great!

I encourage you all to wake up tomorrow( or whenever you read this) and set a goal for yourself that day. Put yourself out there and don't let anything stop you. Keep a prayer in your heart and you will be amazed at what you accomplish!

Love you all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I haven't been blogging lately because i have NOTHING to blog!! Seriously my schedule is as follows: wake up, eat, homework, work, sleep. NO TIME FOR ANYTHING! after halloween i should have a life again but work has seriously been INSANE! we had 1,800 calls today! OH speaking of that! cool story. blog worthy FO SHO! so I get a call from a lady today who is from hawaii. I asked her for her address so i could place the order and she said she was from ouahu. I asked her where abouts and told her i had family that lived there (pa's side) anyways she asked what my families last name was and i told her it would either be higa or isa. all of a sudden she was like SHUT UP! are you chelsie isa? and i was like yes....? a little freaked out...anyways...she then said OH MY GOSH! David (pa) was one of my great friends! I grew up with them! anyways i thought it was pretty funny. forgot her name i think it was jennifer or something but she was a really great lady who apparently knew of me. weird!
anyways so thats what ive been up to. Im officially ADDICTED to the tv show 24 and watch it any chance i get. LOVE LOVE LOVE ME SOME JACK BAUER!!!

Oh i forgot to tell you i got some artwork done...this guy Russ from work took me and we got some sleeves done. what do you think?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hang in there car!

My poor little car isn't used to this crazy weather!!! She had her first snow experience and I don't think she cared for it too much! Hang in there Betsy!!!!

Lovin' the hot chocolate, scarf, and coat weather. Its grrrrrrrrrreat!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm "Slackin"....

Says my mom! Sorry I have been slacking on the blog posts! I just recently got a job (i posted about it earlier) and I really don't have much time for anything now. I wake up and do homework, leave for work at 2, and don't get home until midnight. Its no fun. So there hasn't really been much to blog about.
Let's catch up on what there is...
My roomate, Chelsea, got/has swine flu. Its been fun sanitizing the house thats for sure. Its been hailing/raining here just about every night and doesn't reach any temperature above 50. I got a promotion-ish at work so things have been so crazy. With it getting closer to halloween, more people are calling in and more people are getting impatient and unhappy. It is nice though to work with a bunch of great people!!!
Thats all thats been going on in my neck of the about yours?

Taylor, Anthony, Lindsey, and I! Coolest lunch group on the PLANET!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh hey snow, whats up?


Well looks like here in Orem, Utah we have skipped fall all together and gone straight to winter. It is currently 30 degrees and snowing...SUCKY! Isn't this like...illegal? Snow? In September? You gotta be kidding me!!! Good thing its not my week to drive to work:] everyone keep your fingers crossed and prayers going for people on the streets in Utah. California driver is out and she has NO clue what she is doing!
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Saturday, September 26, 2009


So I got a job as a customer service rep at an online costume store called COSTUME CRAZE! check it out! such an awesome/cheap site. Anyways, I got super lucky and got hired along with my roomate Lindsey. We have SO much fun! Even though our shift is EVERYDAY (except sunday) from 3pm-11pm and then 12pm to 9pm on Saturdays. Crazy! But we LOVE it! It is so much fun! And we work with thee funniest people EVER! Its great! Here are some fun pictures :]

Okay FISHY UPDATE! They finally DIED! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even buy the dang things and I was the one taking care of they died :] yay! haha

Happy Saturday :]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh my...


This is what I wake up to in the morning...HaHa atleast they are growing out....right? Oh brother...thank goodness for whoever invented headbands and hairspray, you are officially my new bestest friends. So remember my little buddies Calvin and Klein? Well today I went into Aubrey's room, because that is where they live they are technically her fish. So anyways, I went in there because she forgot to feed them this morning and asked if I would. So I go in to feed them and see that they are swimming in a bowl of filth, and it smells SO bad. I don't understand how Aubrey can deal with it. So I asked if she had ever cleaned the bowl and she said she didnt know how. UGHH so when she got home I told her I would teach her how, little did I know it was just be me doing it and her not paying attention haha. So I have to give a GIGANTIC shout out to AUNTIE SUZ because she was the first one that ever taught me how to clean a fish tank. And between all of her fish and frogs and tadpoles and what not, I'm pretty much an expert. So I got the lovely opportunity to do the dirty work. We didn't have a fish net so I had to use a big spoon and hold on fish with the other hand in order to get them out. My roomates thought I was crazy but whatever...can't let the little fishies die!!!


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ADS Beach Bash

So today I was missing the beach and home and dance quite a bit. Then I got on Facebook and saw that my dance teacher had uploaded some cute pictures of my last day at the beach which was the ADS Beach Bash! Thought I would share some of the pictures. I took Masyn and we had a great time. We found a bunch of cool little sea creatures in the sea weed it was really neat!!! So here are a few pictures!! Love ya!




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Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm thinking Arbys

Tonight all of the roomies decided to go to FHE together. We were having a BBQ and bishops fireside. So we all piled in the car and went. It started at 7. So we got there at 7 and the bishop wasn't there yet and the food hadn't started cooking. So we sat around for a bit and talked and took some cute pictures...well it started getting later and later and SUPER was 54 degrees at that point! So, by 8 the food still wasn't done and the bishop still wasn't there. So we decided to go get the 5 for 5 deal at Arbys and have our own FHE! It was so fun! Lindsey brought her old roomate Karissa along and we had a great time. Then we went home and had a movie night. Super fun...good night!!! heres some pictorals!!! We are going to use the one of us on the bridge as our christmas picture haha! Merry Christmas from Apartment 1!!!

all the roomies minus Aubrey... Haylee, Abbie, Lindsey, Katie, Tiedra, Chelsea

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Calvin and Klein...

No I'm not talking about the clothes...I'm talking about the fish! Thats right, Apt number 1 now has two new members! We couldn't stand not having pets of some sort so we got two fishies...Calvin and Klein. They are so cute...well just about as cute as little goldfish can be! We decided it would be really funny to send them up the elevator randomly. So Heidi, Sara, Aubrey, Chelsea, JC, and I sent those bad boys on up the elevator and got them on the fourth floor. For some reason seeing the elevator doors open and its just a bowl of fish really is quite hilarious!!! Once, the doors opened and there was a boy in there with the fish haha he was kinda freaked out but we reassured him that they were just getting their nightly fishy entertainment and it was fine :]

A good end to a bad day. I was soo sick, still have a fever and sore throat but the throwing up has stopped thank goodness. AND BYU LOST! They haven't lost a home game in 3 seasons and they got smoked by Florida State I can't even believe it! ugh awful!

Anways here are some pictures from our little adventure. enjoy :]

Saturday, September 19, 2009

such a good day :]

Today was bombtastic. Although it started off a little rocky, it was shortly turned into one of the best days I have had in a while. Lindsey and I decided we needed a little retail therapy and had some "design frustrations" with my room, so we had an interior design day. It was great. We re-did my room and got some cute things for it (I will post pictures when its totally done.) Then I went out to lunch with some friends from home :] It was SO great to see them. Then Linds and I went to IKEA!! ahhh greatest place on the planet! And when we were leaving, there was a HUGE storm brewing. We both love rain so it was really exciting and we tried to get some pictures buuuuttt it didnt quite work...

Isn't the storm looking beautiful? Its pretty dang windy outside right now..the tree outside Ryan's house totally fell over...not so fun. Speaking of Ryan, that little brat is in California right now without me :[ Be sure to give him a swift kick in the tush for me if ya see him...even though you don't know what he looks like haha!
ANYWAYS so after IKEA Linds took me to WENDYS because I have never been and they are like EVERYWHERE up here. So we went and let me tell you, BEST baked potato ever...mmm! Then I get a text from one of my BESTEST guy friends back home, Dylan, and he suprised me and came to Provo for the weekend!!!!!! He is out here buying clothes for his mission (he reports November 18th to the Provo Utah mission yay) and he took me out tonight! We went to this big dance party called EDP it was in a parking lot outside a yogurt place in Provo, SUPER fun!

And now I just got home, I'm eating apples and peanut butter (YUM) and then off to bed! night everyone!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go Kick Rocks...

So I just watched the VMA's and it was the best one we have had in a while. Lady Gaga...AMAZING to say the least. Beyonce, oh my gosh I'm in heaven!!!! But lets focus on the title of this blog post shall we...go kick rocks....this is a shout out to none other than the idiot Kanye West himself. I cannot even believe how ridiculous he was!!! I mean I know he is totally full of himself, but this had nothing to do with him! Seriously, are we in 5th grade again or what? So sad, poor Taylor. But thank you to Beyonce for being so classy and sweet about it. You're awesome.

So I will now be boycotting Kanye's music. He is an awful person. He deserved every ounce of hate that he got tonight...jerk

thanks for listening to my venting :] happy monday!


So last night I went on a date :] with Ryan of course aka George Michael ;] He took me to the RSL game, Real Salt Lake. It was my first soccer game I have ever been to, anddd it was majors. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!! I had such an awesome time! Then after that we went to Cheesecake Factory, yet again another first of mine. I had never been there but I have decided it is now my favorite!!!!!!!!! Then after that we drove all the way home jamming out to Backstreet Boys and Boys II Men HAHAHHA!!! Such a fun night!!!

Now another beautiful Sunday here in Utah. It is starting to cool down a bit and looks like it might rain :] YAY! I can't wait!!! I'm plopping myself down on the couch with the roomies and loving every minute of NFL Sunday! yaaaaay!

Happy Sunday Funday!

Friday, September 11, 2009


So today I went to go get a hair cut because my bangs were getting realllly long. SO i went to this cute little hair salon in the mall and was so excited the girl seemed to know what she was doing. I told her I wanted some fun layers and I wanted my bangs to swoop across my face but to be short enough that I could wear them straight across if i wanted....OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason she was lost in translation. My layers are SO messed up! And lets not even get started on my bangs...this is the first hair cute in my whole entire life that I have cried. It was awful. So after that I ran to the hair academy by my apartment. Its like a beauty college but a little better. Its called Taylor Andrews and my stylists name is Cami! They are the sweetest people ever! I told them about my dilema, and even though they were closing, Cami stayed late to try and fix my hair as much as possible, she gave me product, AND did it for free! Can you believe it!!! So now I have another appointment with her on Monday. She is going to finish fixing my bangs and hair...oh is the picture, please don't laugh because I really really hate it...

have a happy weekend

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pre-Birthday Weekend

SO FUN!!!!!!!! I'm having the best pre-birthday weekend ever!!! Yesterday Aunt Kern and the girls took me to FAT CATS for bowling!! SOOOO FUN! It worked out perfect because my roomate was having her birthday party there too so we all celebrated together! Then we went to 31 Flavors after and got ice cream. Then went home and George Michael came over and we watched ELF. Then this morning I wake up to an AWESOME suprise! They totally made me an amazing breakfast, crepes and eggs with orange juice mmmmm! And this super awesome crown and Kai made me this cute banner! Ah it was perfect. Then I came home and now to top off the weekend back to Aunt Kern's to watch the BYUvs.OKLAHOMA game! woooo! Let's go Cougars! I have my shirt and everything!! Here are some pictures from the weekend so far, enjoy :]

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh mylanta

We are all STUFFED! We went to lunch for Chelsea's birthday. She works at Red Robin so we decided to go there and OH MY did they take care of us. They gave us all two free drinks that were AMAZING!

Then they gave us all a free basket of fries,and THEN to top it all off they gave Chelsea her meal for free and gave us all 15% off! Crazy!!! Our server, Don, was way too nice! He totally took care of it. Now that we are all home and totally stuffed its nap time :]
Happy birthday Chels!

Thursday, September 3, 2009




Today I came home from going out with the girls to find a package at my doorstep. I had no idea who or where it was from and was a little confused. So I opened it up and to my suprise it was COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Suz sent me DELICIOUS oatmeal raisin cookies. They are so so so so so good and all my roomates are dying to have some. I figured I would be nice and share. So thank you so much auntie!!! Now I can have what I have been craving :] Love you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I believe the children are the futureee

teach them well and let them lead the way!!!!! I have that song stuck in my head! Its like eating my brain! Lets see when was the last time I posted...Saturday? So lets play catch up. Sunday I got up at o' dark hundred for church. I don't like my ward so my roomates and I are going to find a new one. Thennn Sunday night Abbie and Lindsey got home :] YAY! and Abbie and I went to George Michael's house (his real name is Ryan but he looks EXACTLY like George Michael Cera its scary). There I met Abbie's cousin Megan who is soooo sweet and super hilarious and we had a great time. Then yesterday Abbie and Lindsey and I went to the dollar store to go college student shopping haha and I don't remember what else we did...just were lazy bums I guess. The internet has been out over here for 2 days so I haven't been able to do any homework to keep me busy. SOO then last night we got the bright idea to move my bed into Abbie and Lindseys room to have a sleepover and watch a movie and we ended up just falling right asleep. Then this morning we woke up and spray painted a cork board project for their room and dyed Lindsey's hair...

it turned out reallllly good! Then we decided to be crafty today since the internet was STILL out. So we made some cute decorations for their room. Then Abbie and I went to go see her cousin Megan's new apartment and George Michael brought over pizza and we had a fun little night. Then her roommate Rachel (nicest girl ever) took us all to Sonic where we sang I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE on the way home which brings me to the point that I am at now...sitting on my bed, blogging, singing whitney houston! goodnight everyone!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A great day..

So today was awesome! We got our carpets cleaned and found that they are in fact off white-ish and not dark brown. So gross. And then I got to see Auntie Kernie and the kids!!! Yay!!! Aunt Kern is here watching Davis' kids while she is in Italy with Shawn(lucky duck) So I went over to their house today and had a blast. I haven't seen the girls for about two years and I have never met little Kai. He is so cute and a TOTAL boy. The girls are getting SO big! Jordan is WAY taller than me. She just auditioned at Center Stage and made it! (its a pretty big deal. very well known dance company out here and throughout the U.S) And Sage is a total volleyball star and as tall as me (she is 11 people!). And little Sorren is quite the soccer player and I hear she is an awesome hip hop dancer! So it was really good to catch up with them. We took a walk from their house to the BYU Creamery which was nice down hill haha and we seriously DIED on the way back. Aunt Kern and I had to take turns pushing the stroller haha we decided that we aren't out of shape though,,its the altitude ;]

Then we hung out and watched Design Star on HGTV which I am not totally in love with. From there we went to Barnes and Noble and Aunt Kern got me the first book to the Outlander series so I'm way excited to start it. THEN we went to dinner at Bajios and it was SO good. We definitely need one in Cali!!! Then I brought them to see my place.

I was suprised that they all fit in my room,,,and not only that but on my bed too! haha! Kai loved it!!! He said it was his size and he was going to spend the night with me :]

so so so cute! Well I'm off to get ready for bed and read my book! We have church early tomorrow. UGHHHH I'm not used to that!

Friday, August 28, 2009


So I guess today ended on a fairly good note. I'm still completely bored. But here is the good news!! Tiedra(one of my roomsters) ended up staying here this weekend :] and her mommy came here to visit! AND guess what she brought? A DEEP CARPET CLEANER! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Why so excited you ask? WELL our carpets are a tad bit on the EXTREMELY NASTY side. Yesterday Linds, Abs and I went to the office and asked if we could get them cleaned. This was their explanation:
"We have had those carpets cleaned so many times. They aren't dirty, its just the dye in the carpet rubbing off on your feet. They are two years over due anyways and need replacing."
Well my friends that sounds like a bunch of hog wash to see if in fact the carpets had been "cleaned" so many times, the dye would not be strong enough to be rubbing off on our feet after about 2 minutes. Also if they are two years over due then that means they are DIRTY! oh yeah and they dont even have black dye in them haha.
So thank you times a million to Tie's mommy for driving all the way out from St. George to bring us this cleaner. My socks and Piggys are forever grateful that they will never again look like this....

ew so disgusting!

So guess what I did tonight...drum roll pleaseeee

MY FIRST GROCERY SHOPPING TRIP ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it!!
Mom gave me a list of things to buy, but somewhere in the move I lost it. (sorry mom) So I had to do it all on my own and you know what I think I did pretty ding dang darn good! AND it was under $50. yup I'm pretty excited!

this stuff will probably last me a year considering the fact that I've lived this week on salad, chicken, and apple jacks and have been perfectly satisfied! yessss! I'm pleased.

Now I will get off this addicting thing, eat my apples, and go to bed! Goodnight!

Dear Diary

Im officially a LONER for the weekend. All my roomates left me. Seriously not even exaggerating ALL 7 of them left. ughhh I'm sooo bored! I have been driving around applying at tanning salons and scrapbook stores all day and just got home. Its been 5 minutes and the silence is creeping me out. Abbie and guys SO owe me! The good thing though is I think Auntie Kern gets into town today so MAAAYBE i won't be a total loser haha. Okay soo today has been a tad on the horrible side. Little Jetta Boy won't leave me alone. Its starting to get on my last nerves and I don't want to be mean but it might have to happen. I even pulled the "I have a boyfriend card" (which I don't) and he STILL didn't get the hint. So I told him flat out I wasn't interested in anything more than friends and he STILL didn't get it. AHHH see people this is why i steer clear of boys in jettas. Anyways so next my lovely jetta decided to hate me today. It was about 105 degrees outside and it decided it wanted to start overheating. So lucky me I get to turn on my heater alllllll the way and role down the windows and DIE in the blistering sauna of Utah. Sweet!

soo I've finished all my homework, taken and ACED all my tests (thank you very much) and now I have nothing to do, no where to go, and everyone I would like to see is gone...RAD!

I think I will throw on my jammies curl up on the couch and watch re-runs of Saved By the Bell until its time to go to bed.

Peace out girl scouts.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my "closet"

Well I don't have my room COMPLETELY done yet, I haven't had the chance to find stuff to color up the walls but here it is for now...

And I have a desk right next to my door but I haven't decorated that yet so you can't see it. I have learned from the people in the buildings that I've met that I have the "closet" room. Apparently when the apartments aren't totally full they use my room as the utility closet haha! Oh well I'm small and I quite like it. It's the perfect size for me, and since its so small, I have no room to make a mess! WOO!

Today has been good so far. The two roomates that I'm close to (Abby and Lindsey) and I went to the job fair at UVU today. We didn't find any jobs haha but we did meet some fun people and listen to some awesome music. It was fun and I saw a couple people there that I knew.

Okay so UPDATE ON JETTA BOY! Last night Abby convinced me into inviting him over for some cookies so that we could see what he was like. It was good to have all my roomates there so if it was totally awkward they could help me. WELL he came over and he looks TOTALLY different outside of his work attire that I saw him in the first time. haha He is 19 and looks about 15. Very skinny and kind of tall and has pretty much no personality. I'm used to very outgoing boys and he definitely wasn't. We stuck it out for a bit and tried to get him to talk but couldn't do it for very long. SO Abby to the rescue says "Hey Chels, don't you have to go pick your friend up from school?" and I caught on and said "Oh my gosh ya! I totally forgot this time change is killing me!" So I quickly said goodbye to Jetta boy and ran out the building like I was going to my car...I waited for a bit to make sure he wasn't watching and then crawled in through my roomates window haha! Well I guess thats one way to get out of a date! Gotta love roomies!