Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Best Friend...

Happy Mother's Day.
I know it is late in the day and you probably think I have forgotten about you but I haven't. The truth is I have just been putting this off all day long because I haven't wanted to cry...puffy eyes aren't attractive. So now that the day is done and I am off to bed, I figured it would be a good time to let you know just how much I love you.
You are my best friend and always have been. I know you have told me over and over again how you are here to be my mom, not my friend, but I never believed that for a second. You were there for me through the ups and downs, laughs and tears, boyfriends and heart breaks. You were never afraid to tell me when I looked like a bum, chose horrible friends, or when I was just plain being stupid. You held my hand through new experiences but weren't afraid to give me the push when I needed it. You were and are everything a best friend should be.
Now that I'm "grown up" (getting older is mandatory but growing up is optional) and I am out of the house I have realized just how much of a presence you are in my life. (Crap here come the tears.) I miss you more and more every day but am reminded of you in every little thing I do. Everything in my daily routine is inspired by you. From the motivation to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and go to work, to driving my car (even though i know it frustrated you more than anything trying to teach me) to my work ethic that has gotten me farther in the corporate environment than I ever thought possible for myself, I owe it all to you (Dad you too but this is a mother's day will get your glory next month.)
Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for answering the phone and listening to me vent even when the time isn't convenient. Thank you for always being there. I love you so much and I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day. It was hard for me not to be there. You deserve the world and I am so proud to be your daughter.
Love you!


  1. Puter,
    you always have just the right to say! you are growing up and your doing such a great job at it! it's easy to be a great mom to great kids and you are definetly a GREAT kid!!!i love you a ton and miss you being here, but i am also so proud of you for putting yourself out there and having the strength to do what your doing on your own. you need to experience life on your own and learn from all that surrounds you and find your own way. i am confident that you will always choose the right path. sometimes you'll trip and fall, but your strong enough to get back up and try again. good for you! your awesome and knew exactly what i needed to hear! thank you my dear daughter i love you a ton!!!

    Love mom

    P.S. I love the new blog layout!!!

  2. oh my gosh, here are my tears. I love you guys too, I love your relationship, and have watched you BOTH grow. Over the years as i lived across the street, both of you have been an example of who I want to be and how i want MY children to grow up to be. Chelsie, you are like a little bird that I have watched and got to see you fly, from across the street. I love you and your Mom, and just know you and your Mom have taught me MORE THAN YOU will ever know.

    love Isas, JUST LOVE THEM!

  3. Chels,
    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. You both are so blessed to have the relationship that you have, hold onto it and never take it for granted. I love you.