Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Bird

The other morning I took Wilson out to go to the bathroom. I had noticed he was sniffing around in the bushes but didn't really think too much of it. I called him to come and started walking up the stairs. I heard some russling in the bushes and thought oh crap, he found a cat. I walked back down the stairs only to find Wilson with a baby bird in his mouth(he was holding it by its wing) and wagging his tail. He was SO proud of himself. I yelled at him to drop the bird and he immediately did and came over to me wondering what the next task was. I ran upstairs, grabbed a towel and came back down to help this poor little bird. He looked pretty mangeled and his tail was completely gone. I think he was probably attacked before Wilson got to him. I took him upstairs and put him in a box and called animal services. The lady on the phone asked me what kind of bird it was. I had absolutely no clue so I guessed a Dove. She sent someone out to come get the bird. When the man arrived, he asked again what kind of bird I thought it was. I told him I thought it was a dove and he started laughing at me. He said it was a baby hawk and that they are very endangered around Salt Lake. He was surprised that it never tried to bite me. I couldn't believe my goofy little bird dog caught a hawk...even though it was already down and he didnt have to do much, but we won't tell Wilson that, we will let him think he got the take down. That was my fun morning, and it all happened before work. Gotta love it!


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